Senator Violently Disagrees With Janet Yellen, Might Vote For Her Anyway


David Vitter's interests go beyond serious sinning and trying to take health insurance away from his staff.

“She’s been very supportive of that super aggressive policy to date,” Mr. Vitter said of Ms. Yellen in an interview. “We just clearly disagree pretty fundamentally and I don’t expect her to say anything to suggest that policy would end anytime soon….”

In her meeting with Mr. Vitter, the GOP lawmaker pressed her on what further regulatory steps she could support to ensure that banks can’t become “too big to fail,” Mr. Vitter said. The Republican has been pushing to increase the capital cushions banks must hold against losses to ensure that one large bank’s failure wouldn’t imperil the financial system.

“She’s open to where I want to go on greater capital requirements on banks,” Mr. Vitter said. “I encouraged her to be very specific about that” during the committee’s hearing, he said. “That would help me get to a positive vote."

Sen. Vitter Presses Yellen on Bond-Buying Plans [WSJ Washington Wire blog]



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