Write-Offs: 11.06.13


$$$Deutsche Bank Ordered to Pay Fired Rate Traders $493,370 [Bloomberg]

$$$Square Exploring 2014 IPO With Banks [WSJ]

$$$Twitter Likely to Price IPO Shares at $25 to $28 [WSJ]

$$$Green Mountain to buy more coffee despite fungal attack [Reuters]

$$$ When Texas cops raided Dominica “Big Baby” Glover’s hotel room Monday, they found her “cutting, bagging and weighing quantities of cocaine base ‘crack,’” according to a federal criminal complaint. She and a male companion were sitting at a table atop which were nine bags of crack cocaine, scales, cash, and phones...Glover recently uploaded a photo to Facebook showing her holding a fan of $100 bills (not to mention those nail tip extensions with Benjamin Franklin’s image). [TSG]

$$$AIG settles with former executive before $274 million pay trial [Reuters]

$$$After SAC Plea, Fellow Funds May Pay [Dealbook]

$$$Charlie Sheen Sends Nasty Tweet To Ex-Wife: "Happy Bday Brooke when you're done s****** off the parking lot at Home Depot why don't ya 'blow' out this candle. c," Charlie Sheen tweeted on Wednesday. The move was an apparent slam at his ex-wife, who tried and failed to secure a temporary restraining order against him this week. Attached to the tweet was a photo of the remains of a cake with a plastic grenade stuck on top." [DM]


Write-Offs: 3.19.15

Steak ’n Shake battles activist; Merkel to "intervene in Greek talks"; BNY to pay $700 million to make fraud stuff go away; Lawyer drops his pot in courtroom; and more.