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Write-Offs: 11.15.13

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$$$CME Group Says Its Computers Were Hacked, No Trades Affected [Bloomberg]

$$$How MF Global's 'missing' $1.5 billion was lost -- and found [CNN Money]

$$$A Sign of Desperation in Facebook’s Snapchat Offer [Breakingviews]

$$$David Tepper Giving Carnegie Mellon a $67 Million Gift [Dealbook]

$$$ Several seconds of new video of the brawl at MetLife Stadium in which a man punched a woman in the face may shed light on who started the fight following the Jets-New England Patriots game in October. Unlike the fight video that has been viewed more than 177,000 times on YouTube and widely aired by news outlets, the new footage was screened privately Wednesday night inside East Rutherford’s municipal court for the attorneys of four people charged in the fight. Taken from security cameras inside MetLife Stadium, the video revealed for the first time in court contains an additional eight to 10 seconds of the melee, said attorney Joseph Cataldo, who is representing one of the women involved. The video was not shown to reporters. Speaking outside the courtroom after seeing the footage, lawyers for each of the four defendants said the new evidence proves their clients were not the aggressors but rather were defending themselves. “There’s not much there that changes our position,” said Aida Leisenring, who is representing Kurt W. Paschke of Holbrook, N.Y. “It’s basically absurd that this case is being prosecuted. They should all have a beer together and go home.” [NJ]

$$$Jack Welch: 'Rank-and-Yank'? That's Not How It's Done [WSJ]

$$$GE to Exit Retail Lending, Tightening Focus on Industrial Businesses [WSJ]

$$$‘Britain’s Horniest Student’: Latvian bags title bedding three different men every week [NYDN]


Write-Offs: 06.15.12

$$$ Hopes for central bank action mount [FT] $$$ Mohamed El-Erian: "There is only so much central banks can do" [FT] $$$ Got Cash in Greek Banks? Don't Pull It! [NetNet] $$$ Hedge fund closures hit 2-year high in 1st quarter [Reuters] $$$ A "driven, even obsessive entrepreneur with a proclivity for micromanagement" who is unlikely to take his company public [NYTM] $$$ Also, bath salts [Spin] $$$ "Looking like Jesus can have a very powerful effect on people. When I appeared on stage as Jesus for the first time, a man saw me and collapsed into tears. Looking like this in daily life can be interesting. When I go into bars, for example, I always see people nudging each other. Invariably someone will come up to me with a bottle of water and ask me to turn it into wine. That happens a lot. I was on a date once in a wine bar, and we ended up with three tables joined together with everyone wanting to re-enact the Last Supper using the wine and the bread. It was strange, but fortunately the girl I was with thought it was fun." [FT] $$$ MetLife is looking for an associate director level credit derivatives trader in New Jersey [DBCC] $$$ In Motion, Facebook Lays Out Defense and Highlights Nasdaq’s Missteps [DealBook] $$$ Gupta Jurors Saw American Dream and Convicted [Bloomberg] $$$ The JPMorgan Whale’s regulatory motive [FTAV] $$$ "Can We Watch Some European Football Please?" asks Jim O'Neill [GSAM] $$$ The NFL will let fans pay for All-22 footage [WSJ] $$$ For one protester, 'Occupy' becomes a way of life [Reuters]

Write-Offs: 03.19.13

$$$ Cyprus Rejects Deposit Levy in Blow to European Bailout Plan [Bloomberg] $$$ Cyprus’s bad haircut day [Felix Salmon] $$$ Matt Yglesias's proposals for Cyprus include selling Northern Cyprus to Turkey and Ben Bernanke giving it a €5.8bn present [Slate] $$$ Florida Financier Charged in Facebook IPO Fraud [WSJ] $$$ Credit Suisse sacks around 12 from NY rates team [Reuters] $$$ Goldman Sachs’s Scialla Twins Leave for Home-Design Firm [Bloomberg] $$$ RBC is looking for a research associate to cover medical devices healthcare companies in New York [DBCC] $$$ Activist Fights Draw More Attention [WSJ] $$$ Ackman’s J.C. Penney Losses Signal Buyout Need [Bloomberg] $$$ NFL Teams With Private-Equity Firm to Seek Media, Tech Investments [WSJ] $$$ U.S. Probes Microsoft, Partners Over Bribery Claims [WSJ] $$$ Bigamist attorney, who secretly wed a stripper and got caught, suspended six months [NYDN]

Write-Offs: 11.06.12

$$$ "UBS AG, Switzerland’s biggest bank, fired its head of credit-default swaps index trading, David Gallers, last week, with no plan to fill the position, according to two people familiar with the matter. Instead, the bank replaced Gallers with computer algorithms that trade using mathematical models." [Bloomberg] $$$ Morgan Stanley should not boost bond trading: analyst [Reuters] $$$ Sheila Bair has a crazy plan for Congressional pay-for-performance [Fortune] $$$ Goldman Research Implies Big Obama Electoral Win [Deal Journal] $$$ “One of the most striking differences between U.S. presidents is how they choose to stock the White House bar.” [TMN via The Hairpin] $$$ A premium bank is looking for an analyst or associate candidate for the Corporate Strategies group within the investment banking division in New York[DBCC] $$$ Recycled legal claims make banks look like victims [Breakingviews] $$$ Citigroup Discloses Libor Inquiry in Singapore [WSJ] $$$ “Some genius paired 50 Cent's In Da Club with a video put out by the Jehovah's Witnesses to encourage deaf people not to masturbate” [Kottke] $$$ Defendant In Murder Trial Who Wanted To Get Back To His Cell In Time For Monday Night Football: “I Did it, So What?” [Deadspin]