Write-Offs: 11.27.13


$$$Wall Street bigs poised for huge payday [NYP]

$$$Fortress, Centerbridge Have Expressed Interest in LightSquared [WSJ]

$$$Turkey Engineers Cook Up Patents [WSJ]

$$$Bitcoin Tops $1,000 as Virtual Money Gains Popularity [Bloomberg]

$$$Fed Reveals New Concerns About Long-Term U.S. Slowdown [Bloomberg]

$$$Judge orders Sriracha hot sauce plant partly closed over odors [LA Times]

$$$That’s it for us today-- Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you all have a great holiday. There will be brief posting/moral support for those working on Friday, and we’ll see the rest of you back here on Monday!

$$$RBS boss: no 'systematic' profiting from troubled firms [Reuters]

$$$Peugeot chief renounces $29 million pension deal after outcry [Reuters]

$$$Rick Santorum's Phallic-Sounding Christmas Movie Isn't Doing So Hot [Gawker]


Write-Offs: 3.3.15

Investors want banks taken to the chop shop; Pimco explains shrinkage; "Man Shot His Sister With BB Gun Over Phallic Birthday Cake: Cops"; AND MORE.

Write-Offs: 03.20.12

$$$ A 'Corzine Rule' for Funds [WSJ] $$$ BofA Merrill Lynch prunes Canadian workforce [Financial Post] $$$ Fed Is Ready to Act if Europe Falters Again: Bernanke [Reuters] $$$ Chinese prison labor is making your internet gaming whatsits [Guardian] $$$ Surely everyone from Occupy Wall Street to Ron Paul will be convinced by this and we'll never hear about the gold standard again [BI] $$$ One person's Op-Ed is another's opportunity? A major investment bank is currently looking to expand its equity derivatives flow desk with a senior salesperson and a senior flow trader [DBCC] $$$ So long, BarCap [DealBook] $$$ BarCapJust Barclays thinks large European banks would have passed the US stress tests [DealBook] $$$ Santorum: "I don't care" about unemployment rate [Reuters] $$$ "Heand several colleagues were accused of selling unsuitable and overly risky investments. The case, regulatory records show, involved the stocks of Stearns & Lehman, a specialty food products company." That does sound risky. [NYT] $$$ "The only thing that Internet Explorer is good for at all is downloading other browsers." This is true, but watch this Microsoft commercial anyway. [Matt Yglesias / Slate]