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Bipartisanship Prevails, Saving Senate's Two-Week Vacation


Senate Republicans have agreed to let Janet Yellen become Federal Reserve chairman in exchange for Harry Reid not making them work the weekend before Christmas.

A final confirmation vote by the U.S. Senate on Janet Yellen to be chairman of the Federal Reserve will be delayed until Jan. 6, avoiding a weekend session to consider her nomination….

Faced with vows by Republicans to use all the available time before confirming Yellen -- until 6 p.m. on Dec. 21 -- Reid agreed to take up confirmation next month in exchange for locking in votes tomorrow on three other nominees….

If confirmed, she will replace Ben S. Bernanke, whose term as Fed chairman expires Jan. 31.

Senate Delays Until Jan. 6 Yellen Fed Confirmation Vote [Bloomberg]
Yellen takes big step toward taking reins at U.S. Fed [Reuters]



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