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Chinese Entrepreneur Isn't Just Going To Sit Back And Let His Wife Have All The Fun

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Hung lights a Dunhill cigarette with a gold lighter. "Not many men get to try these on," he says, as he slips on a flawless 23-carat diamond ring that out-sparkles even his bright green Christian Louboutin loafers covered in gold spikes. "These are all worth over $10 million…obviously," he says, pointing to the jewels on display.Hung then starts admiring an enormous diamond necklace. His public-relations representative suggests it would look lovely on his wife. "No...I'm thinking for myself," Hung says, as he puts it around his neck and has the representative snap a photo of him wearing it. "It's never too big," Hung says of a diamond pinky ring. Bastien agrees: "It can always be bigger." [WSJ]


JPMorgan Isn't Ready To Let Bruno Iksil Go

You can take your said to be leavings and stick them where the sun don't shine for all Jamie Dimon cares! Bruno Iksil, the London-based JPMorgan Chase & Co trader known as the "whale" believed to have been involved in the company's $2 billion loss in derivatives, is still employed by JPMorgan, a spokeswoman for the bank said on Wednesday. Kristin Lemkau responded to a report on the New York Times website saying that Iksil is leaving the company. "He is still employed," Lemkau said. JPMorgan still employs "whale" trader [Reuters] ‘London Whale’ Said to Be Leaving JPMorgan [Dealbook]

Sandy Weill's Wife Isn't Asking For Much

Just that a little college in the Adirondacks remake itself in her image, and tell a dead guy to buzz off.