Facebook For Everybody!


Au revoir, Teradyne Inc. and Williams Cos.: The social network has arrived.

Facebook Inc. rose as much as 4.1 percent following an announcement that it will join the benchmark Standard & Poor’s 500 Index (SPX) next week, cementing the social-networking company’s recovery from the turbulence that surrounded its initial public offering last year….

Gaining entry to the benchmark gauges provides Facebook with a guaranteed base of shareholders from funds that follow the indexes. More than $5.14 trillion tracks the S&P 500, according to the S&P website….

About 19 months after its IPO, Facebook is already a member of the Russell 1000 Index and the MSCI World Index. It joined the Nasdaq-100 Index in December 2012 after the exchange operator cut its usual waiting period as part of negotiations that led to Facebook choosing to list on the Nasdaq Stock Market rather than the New York Stock Exchange.

And, in a poignant, generational passing of the wasting-teenage-time torch, as Facebook enters, Abercrombie departs.

Alliance Data Systems Corp. and Mohawk Industries Inc. will also join the S&P 500, replacing Abercrombie & Fitch Co. and JDS Uniphase Corp., S&P Dow Jones said yesterday.

Facebook Will Replace Teradyne in S&P 500 Index Next Week [Bloomberg via BW]



Beloved Institutions—Facebook And Banks—Discuss How To Increase Their Popularity

Mark Zuckerberg wants to know your credit card balances. What could possibly go wrong?

Serious Business Network Brings In Big Guns For Facebook IPO

When you've made the executive decision to turn your business channel into the Facebook IPO Show, it can get difficult figuring out how to fill every second of airtime. Obviously there will be breathless coverage from every conceivable angle, a countdown clock, and segments on "the evolution of social media," "advice for Mark Zuckerberg," the emotions surrounding a delay in trading, venture capital's feelings about Facebook, "what's the deal with Facebook's private shares," how "Facebook makes its employees happy," "networking Facebook's ecosystem," Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook profile, and whether Facebook is "your friend or foe." But with the tech analyst who agreed weeks in advance to have Mark Zuckerberg's face tattooed to his ass live on-air while network anchors discussed the significance it might have on how Facebook would close on its first day of trading backed out at the eleventh hour, CNBC found itself with a gaping hole in programming. Luckily, an unnamed producer who should win an Emmy for his or her work had the bright idea for this: In the above clip, CNBC travels to Mackay Elementary school in Tenafly, NJ to pick a bunch of 8 year-old analysts' minds on FB. Questions include: * "Is Facebook cool? If so, how long will it be cool for?" * "Would you rate Facebook a buy or a sell?" * "How much would you spend on one share of Facebook" (Answers include $150 and $1,000) * "Is it appropriate for a CEO to wear a hoodie? Would you take a guy in a suit more seriously?"