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Glitchstock '13 Comes To Consumer Banking


Just in time for the holiday season, some hackers and/or technological ineptitude is making it hard for some people to buy things.

Citigroup Inc.'s main consumer website,, was down for some customers over a several-hour period Thursday….

The earliest reports of the site's problems started before noon Thursday Eastern time and persisted through midafternoon. It's unclear what caused the issue.


Royal Bank of Scotland said its banking platform was briefly attacked by hackers on Friday, causing problems for some customers trying to access online accounts, just days after a more serious technology crash.

RBS said a surge in internet traffic directed at its NatWest website at about 1130 GMT was a deliberate attempt to disrupt its service….

Banks typically do not comment on such events, but RBS released a statement to customers after a system crash on Monday left more than 1 million customers unable to withdraw cash or pay for goods.

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