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NYSE Kicks A Little Snow In Nasdaq's Face

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Except for being acquired by a company in Atlanta, 2013's been a great year for the New York Stock Exchange: Its technologicalsnafus have been less glaring than those of a certain rival. Its big-name tech IPOs have gone off without a hitch and without the need to pay regulators and investors a combined $52 million. Its CEO managed to make it to a meeting with the SEC on time. And one more thing—it finally beat the aforementioned "tech-heavy" exchange in tech IPOs by volume.

Tech IPOs have been at the center of the battle between the New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq for listings. And for the first time in more than 15 years the NYSE has come out on top.

Twenty-five tech and Internet companies went public on the NYSE in 2013, edging out Nasdaq, which had 23, according to Dealogic….

NYSE landed 119 IPOs beating Nasdaq’s 102, according to IPO research firm Renaissance Capital.

NYSE: Clear Winner on 2013 IPOs [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


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