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Poll: What Should SAC Capital 2.0 Be Called?

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Over at the Journal today you will find a highly disturbing report: as the firm begins the process of converting into a family office, "SAC, which took the initials of its founder, Steven A.Cohen, has also had internal discussions about whether to change its name, in part to forge a new identity following its legal battles."

While starting fresh undoubtedly sounds appealing, and so much about the revamped hedge fund will be foreign anyway, the thought of living in a world with a SAC Capital is almost too much to bear. Still, if a name change is what the Big Guy wants, a name change is what the Big Guy gets. In fact, let's do him a solid and come up with a few suitable options. One way to go would be to S.B.C. Capital, and simply have Cohen change his middle initial to 'B.' So it's different, but familiar. Another obvious choice would be Steve's House of Money. Okay, begin.

SAC Reconsiders Industry Relationship-- And Its Name [WSJ]