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Steve Schwarzman Celebrates Hilton Billions With Some Flightless Friends

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Who cares about how much Blackstone made on the Hilton IPO? There are adorable penguins and otters puttering about at 345 Park!

About a dozen kindergartners, and a few high-powered financiers, gathered at the Blackstone Group’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters to get up close with eight animal ambassadors from Sea World, the theme park operator that the firm took public this year….

Among the dignitaries the group greeted were Pete and Penny, Magellanic penguins brought in from Sea World’s Orlando, Fla., park. The humans pressed together to peer at Sophia and King, Eurasian eagle owls that hailed from Tampa, Fla., and San Diego. And they fired off question after question about Shivers and Journey, Siberian huskies from Tampa….

“Can they fly?” he asked. A trainer gently answered no.

“Why do they look like a cat?” another child asked.

“Why do dogs eat chickens?” another chimed in.

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