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The Question Isn't "Why Does First Round Capital's Holiday Video Feature A Talking Camel And Its Founder Riding A Wrecking Ball (In a Fat Suit)?"

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...the question is, why didn't your firm have the foresight to gather everyone round to shoot a live-action holiday card that includes: the aforementioned talking camel, a middle-aged white guy pulling a Miley Cyrus, young men dressed as unicorns, a guy attempting to twerk, an elf humping air, a guy wheelbarrowing a zebra, and more twerking? Next year, do better. (We're looking at you, Blackstone, KKR, Goldman Sachs, Citadel, Icahn Enterprises,1 and SAC.2)

1. What I wouldn't give to see Icahn straddling that wrecking ball. If a fat suit can't be found, a simple body stocking would work just fine.↩
2. Not really much to lose at this point, no?↩