Write-Offs: 5.13.15

Flash crasher to appeal terms of bail; Former Deutsche Bank trader Greg Lippmann gets the Ryan Gosling treatment; Standard General pays $26.2 million for RadioShack name; Florida woman robs 3 banks in 30 minutes; and more.

Write-Offs: 04.26.12

$$$ Goldman Banker Probed for Alleged Leaks to Galleon [WSJ] $$$ S&P cuts Spain ratings two notches to BBB-plus [Reuters] $$$ "AIG May Not Be As Healthy As It Looks" [Bloomberg] $$$ The Telus proxy fight is amazing [DealBook] $$$ Legalizing Spousal Necrophilia in Egypt, but only for the first six hours [Volokh Conspiracy] $$$ Morgan Stanley is looking for a VP of Corporate Tax in Chicago - maybe you? [DBCC] $$$ Relax, America, the Bacon Crisis Has Passed [CNBC] $$$ CEO pay is inflated by faulty comp sets [Bloomberg] $$$ A strange data point on flows vs. inventories [FTAV] $$$ Bank bailouts, hedge funds, and foreign sovereign immunity [Economist] $$$ "We do not accept claims for elbow licking." [The Hairpin] $$$ Here is a baby anteater named Corndog hugging a stuffed animal [ZooBorns]

Write-Offs: 08.30.12

$$$ Something something something "[Bernanke] must once again address whether there is more the Fed can do to get the economy going and whether it is worth taking chances on controversial new programs" [WSJ] $$$ Brussels pushes for wide ECB powers [FT] $$$ Google, Apple CEOs in secret patent talks [Reuters] $$$ Goldman is struggling to sell an ABS deal backed by Bob Dylan royalties, inspiring many FT jokes [FT] $$$ Chipotle caught STEALING pennies from hapless customers nationwide in deceptive receipt rounding scandal [Daily Mail] $$$ Kelly & Dylan finally get together [NYP] $$$ A bulge bracket bank in New York is looking for a senior internal audit manager [DBCC] $$$ Guy voting Republican [CNBC] $$$ Sharp Elbows Among Street Lawmen [WSJ] $$$ Citi is looking for a little more space [WSJ] $$$ "A 97-year-old message in a bottle found by Scottish fishermen in their catch has set the world record for spending the longest time at sea." [Bloomberg] $$$ Over 100 students in Harvard's "Intro to Congress" class are being investigated for cheating [Crimson]

Write-Offs: 2.23.15

Goldman faces mortgage suit; HSBC; How to tell if you're an asshole at the office; "Guy used his drone to deliver a packet of cigarettes straight to his window"; AND MORE.