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Bill Gross Would Like To Point Out That It Was 75° And Sunny In Laguna Beach Today

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Even if the PIMCO founder would like to dwell on his first annual loss in 14 years, it's just too damned nice out to complain. And he expects that the southern California sun will be shining as brightly on the links tomorrow as it has on the bond market in 2014, while you shiver your way home through eight to 12 inches of Manhattan's picturesque gray, brown and yellow snowscape.

The $244 billion Total Return Fund at Pacific Investment Management Co., logged a loss of 1.92% in 2013 in total return following a 10.4% gain in 2012, according to data from Morningstar Inc.

The 2013 loss represented the first year the fund posted negative return since 1999. Before 2013, Mr. Gross’s fund had only posted negative return on a calendar year basis twice since its inception in 1987, a loss of 3.58% in 1994 and a decline of 0.28% in 1999, according to Morningstar.

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Photo: Bob Riha Jr/Getty Images

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