Multi-Million Dollar SEC Whistleblower Award "Caught" Johnny Cochrane's Law Firm's Attention


Know some incriminating shit? JC's law firm wants to hear about it.

The Cochran Firm’s Washington-area office in recent weeks quietly stepped up efforts to build a new whistleblower practice that the firm hopes will represent individuals filing qui tam suits and submitting information to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s whistleblower program….

The measures the Cochran Firm is taking to find whistleblower clients include listing information about whistleblower awards on the Washington office’s website and asking individuals who call the firm whether they’re aware of government fraud that could lead to qui tam work.

The multi-million dollar SEC whistleblower award “caught our attention,” said David Haynes, managing partner of the Cochran Firm’s Washington office. “There’s real potential and promise here because of the reality of the insider trading and securities violations that are going on.”

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