John Taylor Will Not Go Gently Into That Good Night


Don't tell the FX Concepts founder that 70 is a good time to slow down and accept that your models don't work anymore: John Taylor's got a new office to sleep in and will busy himself at his typewriter until he can convince people to let him manage their money again.

"I am back," Taylor said in a letter to clients dated Jan. 9.

"The newsletter business will be the primary business asset and livelihood of John R. Taylor as it was years ago…."

"It is difficult to operate without phones, e-mail addresses, or even business cards, but I have rented an office and we have Bloomberg, CQG (market data provider), and friends in the banking world giving us information galore," said Taylor.

“We are writing our weekly newsletter and have lots of prospects,” Taylor said in a telephone interview today from New York. “We expect in the future to be bigger and better. I’m very glad to be back to doing research and writing. I suspect in the future we’ll be managing money again.”

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