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SAC Fleeces! Get Yer SAC Fleeces!

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Want to cloak yourself in a piece of history? Freezing your ass off and simply need some extra layers? Looking for a great gag gift for your buddy Richard Choo-Beng Lee? Trying to find costumes for your one-man community theater production of Temptress, Thy Name Is Black Edge? Desperately seeking something to wear that's guaranteed to get you out of Martoma jury duty tomorrow? Consider today your lucky day.

An apparent veteran of the hedge fund circuit is looking to unload some product, and if you're willing to pay the small price of a premium, they're all yours. From the listing:

This package includes 4 hedge fund fleece jackets, including the coveted original blue version of the S.A.C. Capital (being profiled on Frontline this Tuesday January 7th at 10pm on PBS), all in size XL. All are in very good condition, SAC and Sigma (made by Vantage) have been worn but are in good condition, the Stratix (made by Lands End) is mint, and the Quadrum (made by Port Authority) is unworn with original tags. All 4 hedge funds have been in the news recently, own a piece of history! Best of all you don't even need to get screamed at, be told you are useless, sell your soul, have your hair go gray or worse yet lose it altogether... There is a high minimum as I need to pay my health insurance for a few months and having these places on my resume hasn't worked out too well. Copy of resume will be included free of charge...

He's started the bidding at $1,500. Good luck.

SAC Capital, Sigma Capital, Stratix, Quadrum Hedge Fund Fleeces size XL [eBay via Matthew Goldstein]