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Steve Cohen Will Settle For A 308% Return On Manhattan Penthouse

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No one took a bite at $115 million but at 98, this thing'll practically sell itself!

The infamous financier, whose company pleaded guilty to insider trading last month and will pay $1.2 billion in fines, dropped the price on his 9,000-square-foot duplex atop the Bloomberg Tower from $115 million to the still-conspicuous $98 million. That just makes it the fourth most expensive property listing in the city — but it dashes Cohen’s dreams of selling the first nine-figure apartment in city history...Cohen is selling after downsizing to a $23.4 million maisonette at The Abingdon, a throwback condo development in the West Village. The three-story home covers 9,600 square feet.

Cohen cuts the price on his $117M duplex in the Bloomberg Tower [NYDN]
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Steve Cohen's Apartment Basically Affordable Housing At This Point

And yet no one will make him an offer, despite slashing $36 million off the original asking price. $36 million, people! Who does he have to screw around here to at least get a dialogue going?

Steve Cohen Cuts The Price Of His Midtown Apartment To "F*ck You, Now You Can't Have It" Dollars

He's not going to be reduced to begging (any more than he already has).