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Vatican Asks For Restoration Of Unfettered Access To Tourists' Wallets

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Pope Francis promises that this is the only kind of laundering the Holy See will do from now on.

The Vatican bank asked Italy on Wednesday to resume financial relations effectively frozen since 2010, saying it had made great progress with new anti-money laundering measures Rome had demanded….

Italian banks stopped dealing with the Vatican bank in 2010 after the Bank of Italy told them they had to enforce strict anti-money laundering criteria….

That year, Rome magistrates investigating possible money laundering froze 23 million euros ($31.15 million) held by the IOR in two Italian banks. The IOR said it had merely been transferring its own funds between accounts in other countries….

The Bank of Italy blocked the Italian branch of a German bank last year from handling credit card payments at the Vatican museums and other lucrative tourist destinations.

The bank will soon undergo an on-site inspection by the Vatican's financial authority, the report said, an action called for last month in an otherwise very positive assessment by Moneyval, a monitoring committee of the Council of Europe.

Vatican bank asks Italy to normalize ties after reforms [Reuters]


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