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Woman Who Could Have Been CEO Of Wall Street Bank Settles For Helping Mutual Fund Company Put Out Self-Congratulatory Press Release

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John Mack is powerless to stop Cruz Missile 2.0.

FTSE 100 fund manager Old Mutual scored a double whammy this morning, adding Zoe Cruz, once the most powerful woman on Wall Street, as a non-executive director in a move that means its board is now 30% female….

A spokesman for Old Mutual said: “With the appointments of Zoe and also Adiba Ighodaro, women now compose more than 30 per cent of our plc board.”

A group of chairman at the U.K.’s biggest companies, including Old Mutual, are backing an initiative, called the 30% Club, to bring more women into the U.K. boardroom. They want to achieve 30% female representation on FTSE boards by 2015. On average, FTSE-100 companies have 19.3% female representation on their boards.

Old Mutual Adds Zoe Cruz to the Board [WSJ MoneyBeat blog]


By Dong L. Zou ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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