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Write-Offs: 01.30.14

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$$$ [Goldman North Africa salesman Youssef] Kabbaj addressed the LIA employees as his "friends" and his "team", and made them feel that he was part of their "team" (frequently bringing them small gifts, such as aftershaves and chocolates, when he visited Tripoli). [BloombergView / Matt]

$$$Blankfein To Earn $23 Million in 2013 [WSJ]

$$$Zuckerberg Gains $3.2 Billion as Facebook Soars on Mobile [Bloomberg]

$$$ One thing that’s been noted frequently by close watchers of former SAC Capital portfolio manager Mathew Martoma’s insider-trading case has been his determination, from early in the investigation, to fight the charges against him. One factor may be that Steven Cohen’s SAC is paying Martoma’s legal bills, as is company policy. Or, Martoma may genuinely believe that he is innocent. Whatever the explanation, it has translated into one of the more vigorous defenses presented in recent insider-trading history, with Martoma’s lawyers offering more than a half-dozen witnesses to testify on his behalf. No one can say Martoma is going forth without a fight. What’s unclear is whether any of it will help. [BusinessWeek / Sheelah Kolhatkar]

$$$NY court lets lawsuit against Goldman over Timberwolf CDO proceed [Reuters]

$$$How Terrible Does Your Life Have To Be To Get 'Mandatory' Weekends?​ [Above The Law Redline]

$$$'Seinfeld' reunion will happen 'very, very soon,' Jerry Seinfeld confirms [NYDN]

$$$As China’s Economy Slows, the Pain Hits Home [NYT]

$$$Weekly jobless claims jump 19K to 348K [MarketWatch]

$$$Tara Reid and Ian Ziering Will Star in Sharknado 2 [Defamer]


Write-Offs: 08.29.12

$$$ Something something something ECB bond-buying [FT] $$$ Banker Bonuses At Risk As EU Lawmakers Fight Barnier Plans [Bloomberg] $$$ Yelp Surges After Lockup Expires [DealBook] $$$ M&A volumes are down but at least there are a lot of small deals [DealBook] $$$ People prefer potential success to actual success in hiring [HBR] $$$ "At each of its most efficient restaurants, Chipotle averages more than 350 transactions during the lunch hour — about one every 11 seconds." [WSJ, related?] $$$ Prudential is looking for a fixed income senior associate [DBCC] $$$ Greg Fleming won't run E*Trade [Term Sheet] $$$ "The interests of PE firms and their investors do not coincide with the companies that have been taken over, not in the way that Romney and his adherents would have you believe." Matt Taibbi gropes toward a theory of the corporation. [RS] $$$ Bond-Trading Firm Gleacher Said To Seek Buyer [Bloomberg] $$$ Barack Obama does a Reddit AskMeAnything, doesn't really answer anything [Reddit] $$$ Romney Party Yacht Flies Cayman Islands Flag [ABC]