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You Won't Be Catching Lloyd Blankfein Sucking Up To Chinese Politburo Members By Hiring Their Kids

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It's not that Goldman Sachs wouldn't put Xi Jinping's kid on the payroll. It's just that the bank won't be so painfully obvious about why.

“Not China specifically, but I’ve had people who say, ‘Look, my kid’s in the blankety-blank business school in the United States, really would like a job in finance. He really would like a job at Goldman Sachs,’ ” Mr. Blankfein said in an interview with CNBC at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. “I’m thinking about how it could look. So we have a lot of processes to vet these things….”

“If you precluded yourself from hiring any kid that was affiliated with somebody, whose parent was an important official or an important industrialist or executive, you wouldn’t have very many people left,” Mr. Blankfein said in the television interview. “Who do you think the kids are that are multicultural and filling Harvard Business School?”

Asked whether he had seen any hiring that looked like a bribe, Mr. Blankfein paused for a moment.

“Not firsthand,” he said.

Goldman's Cautious Approach to Hiring the Well-Connected [DealBook]


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