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Your $1,500 Will Now Get You Much More Than Four Hedge Fund Fleeces

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Earlier this week, an anonymous veteran of the hedge fund world took to eBay to list the fleeces he'd picked up as an employee of several hedge funds that either have been or will soon be consigned to the scrap heap of corporate history: SAC Capital, SAC subsidiary Sigma Capital, Quadrum Capital, and Stratix. Seller "madinny" started the bidding at $1,500 for the entire lot, and then sat back and waited for the offers to roll in. Unfortunately, it appears that no one, not even the foremost collectors of hedge fund swag among us, would bite. So he did what any guy trying to unload Wall Street memorabilia at an admittedly steep price would do: He rummaged through his closet and came up with a couple items to sweeten the deal.

From a Q&A with another eBay member:


Q: A little pricey; does this include the in-tank shark as well?

A: If I had a Damien Hirst original the minimum would be a tad higher and I would be writing this from a beach somewhere, not freezing New York. I can throw in a Stratix sun visor and Lehman Brothers pen.

Obviously we'll continue to monitor the situation.

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