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Barclays Cares About Its Junior Bankers Too Ya Know

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Like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, Bank of Montreal, and Citigroup before it, Barclays has decided that all work and no play make for grumpy junior mistmakers. Unlike the "protected weekend" adopted by JPMorgan and Citi, and the 36-hour weekend favored by Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse, the Brits are taking a three-pronged approach to unshackling its little workers bees from their desks by: making sure they take their vacations, not letting anyone work more than 12 days straight without a break to catch their breath, and forbidding the assigning of projects after 12 on a Friday, unless it's really important in which case, settle in.

"The demands of the job are high, but our best work is when we work intelligently as a team; not just because we work the hardest or the longest," Barclays said in an internal memo announcing new guidelines for junior bankers.

The guidelines include:

--Mandatory block leave for two non-consecutive weeks over a year.

--Mandatory days off of at least 12 a quarter in addition to vacation and including weekends; no more than 12 consecutive days in the office.

--No new projects assigned after noon Friday; exceptions require group head approval.

Other guidelines included more mentoring and better allocation of staff time.

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