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Bill Gross Doesn't Really See Himself Acting Reasonable Around The Office Anytime Soon

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The co-founder of bond behemoth Pacific Investment Management Co. on Thursday defended its competitive culture, saying in an interview that the trading floor can't thrive on "sweet talking" alone but that the firm is still a family of sorts...In the interview, Mr. Gross, 69 years old, said he is focused on the Newport Beach, Calif.-based firm's performance and that no one had raised concerns about his behavior. He said he understands why some employees may perceive him as difficult to work with, but that not everyone feels that way. He is challenging at times, he said, in the interest of running the company well. "It's like dealing with family—you don't always produce a productive family by sweet talking and always being inclusive," Mr. Gross said. "There's a time for soft love and time for hard love.…I can admit to both." [WSJ,"Mr. Gross doesn’t like employees speaking with him or making eye contact"]