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Bonus Watch '14: Wells Fargo Investment Bankers Feeling Pretty Good About Their Odds

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Bank of America mortgage servicers, not so much.

“You’d like to believe that when the tide comes in all the boats get raised,” said one Bank of America employee who works in the division that services delinquent mortgages. He said bonuses there are about two weeks’ pay. “But the tide’s come in and it seems like the only boats getting raised are the big ones.” He said in past years, when he worked in a different division, he and his colleagues often used bonuses to buy big-ticket items such as a new TV or laptop. Now, he said he’s more likely to use the money to pay down debt or boost savings. “I’m going to be as thrifty as I can,” he said...

Wells Fargo bankers will start to learn about their bonuses this week and get paid later in the spring. Two people familiar with the situation said investment bankers who help corporations make deals and raise capital are especially optimistic. Those bankers, particularly in the upper ranks, are likely to “kill it this year,” one of the people said.

Bank bonuses rise, but not to boom-time levels [Charlotte Observer]


Bonus Watch '12: Wells Fargo Securites

Numbers for first, second, and third year analysts. 1st: bottom tier: 45-47k middle tier: 50k top tier: 60k 2nd: bottom tier: 57-60k middle tier: 65k top tier: 75k 3rd: top tier: ~95-100k

Bonus Watch '15: Wells Fargo Junior Bankers

The youngest members of Team Wells are said to be pleased.

Bonus Watch '12: Half Of Wall Street Feeling Pretty Positive About Pay Day

Now that we're nearly halfway through October, several items on your to-do list will have undoubtedly been upgraded in urgency: scouring Starbucks near and far for for Pumpkin Spice lattes before it's too late, and being dead serious in telling the baristas at the various locations claiming unavailability that they've ruined your life; coming up with a Halloween costume that's at once slutty and topical; and discussing bonus expectations. Despite the fact that bank CEOs and people who speak on their behalf have suggested (by saying outright) that pay will come down this year, and that anyone who still has a job in 3-4 months should consider that their bonus, some on Wall Street are apparently predicting they'll do pretty well for themselves this year and very well circa 2015. There seems to be a disconnect between what Wall Street execs have been reading lately and what they believe. Nearly half (48%) of them surveyed by eFinancialCareers expect their bonus to be higher this year despite recent news reports to the contrary...Of those who believe bonuses will increase in the next three years, over half (53%) are convinced bonuses will return to 2006-2007 levels. For those not as confident their take-home will soon revert back to the glory days and looking to make a change into a more lucrative field Bloomberg today notes that "welders top banking pay."* Despite news reports that Wall Street bonuses will be down, more Wall Streeters are expecting them to be higher [eF] Wall Street to Cut Pay Instead of Jobs, Graseck Says [BW] Caterpillar’s Worker Hunt Means Welders Top Banking Pay [Bloomberg] Related: Layoffs/Bonus Watch '12/'13: Morgan Stanley *...Though not until 15th paragraph is it noted that they're actually talking about 'bank tellers,' which seems less than helpful to the audience.