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Charlie Ergen Game-Planning How To Make The Worst Thing In The World Work For Him

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The Dish Network chief and Phil Falcone bête noire is not as big a fan of the TWC-Comcast marriage as John Paulson. But if it goes through, he'd just like to remind everyone that it would then be totally unfair not to let him have his way with DirecTV.

The cable megadeal "certainly doesn't hurt the case for consolidation" of the two satellite-TV giants, Mr. Ergen said. "If you take the No. 1 and 4" players in pay TV and put them together, "it would be hard to see why you couldn't put the numbers 2 and 3 together."

DirecTV and Dish are the second- and third-biggest pay-TV providers by subscribers, while Comcast Corp. and Time Warner Cable Inc. are No. 1 and 4, respectively.

A Comcast-TWC merger would "send a seismic shift across our industry" that "puts pressure on everybody" in the video and broadband businesses in an "unprecedented" way, Mr. Ergen said. "There is nothing that I can see that's positive about it for anybody in the video or broadband or content business…."

DirecTV and Dish tried to merge more than a decade ago but abandoned that effort in the face of regulatory opposition.

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