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Courvoisier Celebrates the Year of the Horse With $3.5k L’Essence Du Horse Cognac

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Courvoisier has gotten into the spirit of the Chinese New Year by offering a limited edition release of its most expensive bottle of cognac to date, the L’Essence de Courvoisier. Considering it's the Year of the Horse, they named this special offering L’Essence Du Horse and are planning to retail it for $3,500.

Packaged in a wooden box, each Baccarat-made decanter features an engraving of Napoleon on his horse and an ornate crystal stopper inspired by the French leader's signet ring. A soft leather was added around the bottles sides, meant to evoke the leather found in horse saddles.

"L'Essence de Courvoisier is a precious and exquisite cognac — the jewel in the crown of Courvoisier collection — and we are excited to be launching a limited-edition bottle in celebration of the Chinese New Year," says Claire Richards, Director of World Whisky & Cognac at Beam. "The horse is a universal symbol of victory, drive and passion and is a perfect representation of the heritage of Courvoisier and the revolutionary spirit symbolized by Napoleon. As such, the onset of this Chinese New Year was the perfect time to unveil an exclusive release and commemorate the Year of the Horse."

L’Essence Du Horse was released on February 1 in very limited numbers in select U.S. and international markets.