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Houston Based Money Manager Seeks Protégé With At Least Three Super Bowl Rings, Would Train The Right Candidate With Only One

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Is this you?

From: [redacted at houston based investment firm]
Sent: Monday, February 10, 2014 12:40 PM
Subject: Hiring Priority

We have been fortunate to attract and hire some outstanding people in the last year. We have integrated these people into areas where we had substantial needs, and we are starting to look toward the future. Now, we are beginning to search for the "next generation" of leaders for [redacted] Investments.

The first, and primary, hire that we are going to focus on in this area is to find someone who will work directly with me. They will learn our business from the ground up with me as their primary coach. Strong preference would be a football player who has played at a high level, but any former athlete who is very competitive will be considered.

Because they are going to be working directly with me and for me, the opportunity will come with large responsibilities and expectations. That means that only thick-skinned, hard workers who have a driving hunger to succeed should apply. The interview process will be rigorous, detailed and somewhat intense. The training process will be very time consuming, and they will be expected to keep up with the schedule and demands that I place on myself. This role is designed to train someone to be capable of running a business like ours. That means they will be expected to learn the four primary aspects of our business:

1. Investment Management
2. Marketing and Business Development
3. Client Service
4. Management and Vision for the Company

They need to be willing to invest several years of their life to learn the business, where they can then grow into a leadership role in one of the four areas listed. Where they end up will be based on their aptitude.

Forgive the football analogy but it really defines the role well. We are looking for someone who wants to succeed so much that they are willing to come be a part of the "scout team" while they learn the system. If they work hard enough and show that they can make plays in practice, they will be given an opportunity to get in the game on "special teams" where they can show what they can do. At this point the hope is that they can earn a starting position and then grow into a leadership position as a "Captain" on the team.

We expect this role to be filled by someone who is already in the workplace, but someone who is currently in school is welcome to apply as we will wait for the right candidate.

Please see the attached job description. All applicants need to have high moral values, be very intelligent with outstanding problem solving skills, possess a high sense of urgency, be very articulate and have an insatiable desire to succeed at everything they do.

All candidates should email me directly with Assistant to the Chairman in the Subject line.

Thank you for passing this along to all those you know who might be aware of potential candidates. Please help us exponentially increase the distribution via your email list.

Take care,



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