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John Paulson's Kabletown Dream Comes True

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When John Paulson & Co. bought up a bunch of Time Warner Cable shares last year, he hoped and prayed that Hank Hooper & Co. were thinking the same thing he was. They were, and now he's $200 million-plus to the good.

They were always the most logical acquirer. They are a perfect fit for Time Warner Cable. What you didn’t know [before the deal was announced] was the appetite for Comcast to do a merger. That was the uncertainty but logic prevailed….

I would think it would be very attractive to hold Comcast post-merger as well. At the end of the day, the earnings-per-share and cash-flow-per-share should grow more for Comcast with Time Warner Cable than it would as just Comcast alone. That makes it very attractive to own.

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