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Meet the Special Forces Vets Who Want to Take You on a Luxury Golf Beirut

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Looking to have a real adventure on your next golfing vacation? You might want to look into Cavalry + Company and their Middle East packages. With access to some of the most exciting golf courses on earth, their guides are special forces veterans taking people on truly one–of-a-kind trips envisioned by luxury hospitality professionals.

The company currently offers two packages which both start off playing a few days across some of the best courses Dubai has to offer, before boarding a private jet to either Kabul, Afghanistan or Beirut, Lebanon. The courses include: Emirates Golf Club; The Montgomerie, Dubai; Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club; Desert Course; Jumeirah Golf Estates; and Al Ghazal. Guests will also stay at either The Four Seasons, Beirut or The One & Only Palm, Dubai during the Kabul trip.

The Kabul Golf Club is one of the most exclusive golf clubs in the world. In fact, less people have teed off at this course than have climbed Mount Everest. Guests will also have the opportunity to become an official lifetime member and, as Cavalry + Company puts it, "Officially have the best golf story of anyone back home."

For the other option, a visit to the Beirut Golf Club means being amongst the Lebanese elite along with diplomats and government officials. Outside the course, the streets are covered in posters of Hezbollah while golfers play a round amongst ancient cedars, while enjoying imported Cuban cigars. Afterward, enjoy Beirut and its legendary nightlife while you stay in town as long as you want. You can then head home straight from Beirut or head back to Dubai to enjoy the booming city more.

Cavalry + Company also offers customized trips and corporate events. Visit their website for more information and to start planning your golfing adventure through the UAE, Lebanon and Afghanistan. Rates available upon request.