Wanted: Former Prosecutor To Help Prevent Future Prosecutions Of Whatever SAC Capital Is Gonna Be Called As Of April


Steven A. Cohen, the billionaire investor, is looking to hire a former prosecutor or securities regulator to monitor trading at his investment firm in the wake of the federal government’s insider trading investigation. Mr. Cohen’s SAC Capital Advisors hedge fund, which pleaded guilty to securities fraud in November, is in the process of converting to a family office that will manage mainly $9 billion of his personal wealth. The firm announced its intention to hire a chief surveillance officer to monitor trading in a letter to employees on Tuesday. The firm expects to fill the newly created position in the spring...The letter to employees also described how SAC, after converting to a family office, would consolidate several operating divisions and would announce a new name for the firm sometime in April. [Dealbook]


Charlie Gasparino: SAC Capital Busting Its Ass To Prevent Redemptions

According to Fox Business reporter Chaz Gasparino, the hedge fund has been working overtime to convince investors ahead of the February 15 deadline for submitting redemption notices to stick with Steve. With a moderately to majorly amazing sales pitch: