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Write-Offs: 02.28.14

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$$$Grubhub orders up an IPO [CNBC]

$$$N.Y. Barclays Libor Traders Said to Face U.K. Charges [Bloomberg]

$$$Lawmakers Debate Dark Pools at Hearing [WSJ]

$$$Pimco: The man who replaced Mohamed [FT]

$$$Sicilian mafia sent hit man to whack Giuliani [NYP]

$$$Goldman Sachs Faces Newly Disclosed Probe for Fixed-Income Actions [WSJ]

$$$Apple Investors Reject All Shareholder Proposals [Bloomberg]

$$$ "I worked the bar on the Sunday brunch shift [at Pastis] from 2000 to fall 2002. I loved it ... The women were easy, hot, and they loved to party. Plus they loved bartenders. But I don't want young bartenders to get the wrong idea. The job is to serve people and if some women decide to give us a blow job along the way, that's great, but it's not the point." [Grub Street]


Write-Offs: 11.17.15

Possible criminal probes for RBS, JPM executives; Regulators probe start-up valuations; Virginia man accused of 'assault' with a sandwich; and more.