Bill Ackman Doing Alright For Himself This Year


No one has made Herbalife "disappear" yet, as he recently requested, but Pershing was up 11.7 percent through February, and that's something worth celebrating. Not crying tears of joy over, but raising a glass to, nonetheless. You want wet, raw, uncontrollable displays of emotion, you're going to need to take Herbalife out in the middle of the night.

Ackman’s gains in February were driven in part by his near-10 percent stakes in both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac — where he has become the largest common stockholder outside the US government. Both stocks had a surge in late February after a federal court issued a ruling in favor of preferred shareholders, who are suing the US government over its decision to return all profits to the government in defiance of its earlier agreement...Other stocks of Ackman’s that outperformed the broader market in February include Air Products, which jumped 15 percent; Howard Hughes, which gained 11 percent; and Burger King, up 9 percent. Last month, shares of Ackman’s controversial Herbalife short gained 3 percent, but the stock is still down 15 percent for the year.

Pershing continues big turnaround in 2014 [NYP]