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Carl Icahn Finally Finds The Worst Company In History

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Carl Icahn has seen some badly-run companies in his many, many days. Dell. Netflix. Clorox. Pershing Square Capital Management. But he’s never seen anything quite like the corrupt catastrophe that is eBay.

Ticking off a list of corporate disputes he's been involved in, Icahn said he's "never seen worse corporate governance than eBay…."

Icahn said Wednesday the idea that there were no other bidders for Skype is a myth.

"Don't tell me that Microsoft suddenly had an epiphany ... and decided only a year and a half later, 'Wow, we're only going to pay $6 billion more.'"

EBay is worst-run company I have ever seen: Carl Icahn [CNBC]


I forgive you again, Carl.

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