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Dealbreaker NCAA Tournament Challenge Update: It’s Official. El Erian Didn’t Just Kick Secretariat’s Ass, He Kicked YOUR Ass

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Almost every bracket is completely busted, so with three games left in the tournament, we’re ready to call AT LEAST A TIE in the 4th Annual Dealbreaker Tournament Challenge for El-Erian The Man, who has the most points AND – since he has Florida winning it all - can’t be beaten.

He CAN however be tied by Jos. A. Bernanke if UConn upsets the Gators in the national semifinals next Saturday. If UConn wins, the tiebreaker in Monday’s final will be for all the Dealbreaker koozies.

Florida is the champion on 70 other sheets, but our advanced algorithms show that none of them will beat El-Erian, who has zero other Final 4 teams. Our only sheet with Connecticut winning it all is ranked 184th, and won’t get anywhere close even if the Huskies are able to become the first No. 7 seed of the modern era to win the title.

Some fun facts:

*Our highest-ranked bracket with Wisconsin as the champ belongs to Jonny DiMola, but even if the Badgers win, Jonny can only finish with 251 points, which would still place him nine-points behind El-Erian’s current total.

*One of El-Erian’s nemesises (nemesii?), Secretariat’s Picks, lost all Final 4 teams and is eliminated. Another, Bill Gross’s Untied Necktie, sits in 150th place. The Gross Stache and Bill Gross’ Cone Of Silence are also well behind.

*If Florida wins it all, or gets to the title game, one of Joe Mallen’s two brackets wraps up the six-Pimco pen second-place prize. And yes, those pens are in their original velvet cases.

*Zero people have Kentucky winning it all. They Wildcats are the only Final Four team not picked by anyone as a champion.

*Last place is Shaz Attack’s to lose, although a Florida win could propel Christian Bale to the bottom spot.