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Ex-AIG CEO Not Into Bailouts (For The Poor)

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For corporations and fluffy white dogs they're okay.

Wall Street Republicans have begun their White House dance less than halfway into a second Barack Obama term they tried to prevent with record donations to Mitt Romney. As investigations slow Chris Christie, whose backers have included a troop of billionaires, donors are looking for a candidate who can replace the constraints they detest with appreciation they think is due...Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, who ran American International Group Inc. for decades, said he liked Jeb Bush’s experience with both governing and the private sector. Greenberg, 88, said he’s looking for a candidate who can guide the country “away from the view that we should take from the rich and give to the poor.”

Wall Street Plays 2016 Dating Game as Christie Stumbles [Bloomberg]


Hank Greenberg Wins AIG Case, Snowball Does Not Get A New Pair Of Shoes

A judge ruled in Greenberg's favor but not in the monetary sense.