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Ex-Bank Of England Chief Brings His Salty Wisdom To The World’s Real Financial Capital

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Aspiring M.B.A.s and lawyers should gird themselves for a stern talking-to when Lord King of Lothbury comes to town.

NYU said Wednesday Mr. King will join the faculties of both its Stern School of Business and School of Law in fall.

“The world’s most pressing problems — and therefore the greatest opportunities to create value for business and society — do not respect disciplinary boundaries,” said Peter Henry, dean of the business school, and Trevor Morrison, dean of the law school, in a statement….

This isn’t Mr. King’s first foray into academia. For one thing, he taught at NYU as a visiting professor last year, and published a paper on interest rates with NYU’s David Low in February.

Earlier in his career, Mr. King as a visiting professor at both Harvard University and theMassachusetts Institute of Technology, where he shared an office with one Ben Bernanke.

Former BOE Governor Mervyn King to Teach at NYU [WSJ Real Time Economics blog]


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