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Pimco Investor Considering Pulling Out Over Secretariat's Erratic Behavior, Some Other Stuff

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“We are considering reducing exposure to Pimco and having those conversations with our investment committee right now,” said Harold Evensky of Coral Gables, Florida-based Evensky and Katz Wealth Management, which invests in Pimco Total Return and other funds. “No matter how good someone is, with all that hype and disruption, combined with the headwinds in fixed income, that could have an impact on everyone’s ability to pay attention to their daily job.” [Bloomberg, earlier]


PIMCO, via Wikimedia Commons

Layoffs Watch '16: PIMCO To Say Some Tough Good-Byes

On the bright side, you can always join Bill Gross at the new shop?

I'm sorry but I just don't recognize him. Source: Getty Images

Bill Gross Wants Pimco Put In A Time Out

It's almost like those bastards don't want to help him win $200 million in damages from them.