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Pimco Trustee Dares To Question American Thoroughbred's Annual Compensation

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Bill Gross set to blow again in 5...4...3...2...

Pimco trustee William J. Popejoy believes Gross' reported $200 million annual salary is out of line for someone whose performance has been "mediocre," according to an account in the Los Angeles Times. The salary level originally was reported by The New York Times about two years ago. "You could hire 2,000 schoolteachers for that money," Popejoy told the newspaper in a story published Tuesday. "I don't know what Bill should be paid, but $200 million is not appropriate." "I don't know if Secretariat made $200 million a year," he added, referring to the legendary racehorse.

'Mediocre' Gross overpaid at $200 million: Trustee [CNBC]

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