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Russell Stildoph Meets His Match

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In November 2010, a private equity exec named Russell Stildoph launched his car 45 feet into the air and parked it on the second story of someone's house. In the years since, no one has come close to the high bar he set for excellence in the vehicular arts space that night in Connecticut.[1]. Until now.

The woman who sources believe crashed over a concrete barrier and onto a passing Q train before fleeing the scene on foot Wednesday morning called police six hours later and claimed that she was carjacked. The 20-year-old woman was being questioned at the 70th Precinct stationhouse after her dad's Nissan SUV plowed through a quiet cul-de-sac on Albemarle Road, at East 16th Street, about 5 a.m. and used a waist-high concrete barrier to the above-ground tracks as a ramp and propel her front wheels through a chain-link fence onto the roof of a south-bound Q carrying 50 passengers, sources said. She called police about 11 a.m. and told them that she had been driving the SUV when a man carjacked her and took them on the wild ride, sources said. Investigators were asking her why she waited six hours before calling police and trying to find any witnesses who saw a man also leaving the scene, sources said. Initial witnesses only saw a woman leave the wreck, sources said.

The crash site was chaotic in the hours after as neighbors who had slept through the incident awoke to helicopters overhead and crews spraying sparks as they tried to mend the fence. The subway car involved in the Wednesday crash sustained only minimal damage, the MTA said. No injuries were reported, an FDNY spokesman said.

Woman Questioned After SUV Crashes Onto Q Train, Sources Say [DNAInfo via Daily Intel]

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[1] Except thisgirl, who scored points for creativity but none for height.