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Silicon Valley Mafia Not Amused By This Carl Icahn Guy

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We all know that Carl Icahn can handle himself on the rough-and-tumble schoolyards of Queens. But he might want to think twice before strolling among the well-manicured lawns of Sunnyvale after dark after his unkind remarks about Valley Godfather Marc Andreessen and his associates at eBay.

Carl C. Icahn’s battle against eBay has drawn a number of boldface names into the fray. The latest entrant happens to be one of the most prominent executives in Silicon Valley at the moment: the LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman….

While PayPal is no longer a startup, it still has massive growth prospects. But to someone who isn’t investing in the long term, it’s just a cash cow that’s ready to be slaughtered.

That’s why Carl Icahn is churning out letters to shareholders so fast he actually rechristened ex-PayPal COO and Yammer founder David Sacks as “David Yammer” in his first missive. It’s hard to imagine he could have a coherent long-term plan given that his due diligence doesn’t extend to surnames. (It’s since been corrected.)

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