Sleep Where Sandy Weill's Son Hath Slept


The former Citigroup chairman bought the property next to his house in Greenwich hoping it'd become "a family compound," and while his son Marc built a house on it and lived there for four years, in 2008 he sold it back to dad and split for NYC. So! What do you get for $14 million asking price? 16,460 square feet, views of Long Island Sound, a home theater, and a koi pond, yes, but also, and much more importantly: the opportunity to have Sandy Weill knock on your door and ask to borrow a cup of sugar, as he'll be your neighbor. And according to Papa Weill, the house on the market practically dwarfs his own, which is something of a hovel in comparison.

When the younger Mr. Weill decided to move to New York City, his father bought the property back from him in 2008 for $11 million. It was briefly listed for $12.995 million in 2009, but "it was a very bad market," the elder Mr. Weill said. Since he doesn't need the property and the market has improved, "it made sense for us to put it on the market," he said. At 16,460 square feet, the house has six bedrooms, nine full bathrooms and three half bathrooms. According to Ira Grandberg, who designed the house, its cedar shingle roof is topped by a windowed cupola, which has views of Long Island Sound and is accessed from the children's playroom. There is a large patio, and several balconies and porticos. On the lower level are a walk-in wine cellar, a home theater, a billiards room, an exercise room, and a spa room with a sauna and hot tub. The pool is surrounded by natural stones, waterfalls and a koi pond, Mr. Grandberg said. A gazebo is made from the same timber and cedar as the main house. The younger Mr. Weill is known for his collection of rare gems and minerals, and the stones surrounding the pool are embedded with fossils and gemstones he selected, Mr. Grandberg said. The younger Mr. Weill couldn't be reached for comment. The grounds also include a 1,300-square-foot caretaker's cottage with a two-car garage, plus a four-car garage.

The elder Mr. Weill said the house is larger than his home next door, which is about 8,500 square feet. "People used to think our house was the gate house for the other one," he joked.

Make him an offer.

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Sleep Where Dan Loeb Hath Slept

The Third Point founder is reportedly looking for a buyer for his 10,674-square-foot penthouse at 15 Central Park West. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in, people hear that Loeb "wants $100 million," which would represent a 122.22% return (DL and his wife bought the place for $45 million in 2008). While perhaps a tad pricey, consider that back in November, Sandy Weill was able to get $88 million for his 15CPW apartment, a relative dump at 6,744-square-feet.* As for the Loebs, they are apparently "in search of something larger," if you've got any leads. It seems pretty obvious that a fellow hedge fund manager with a 20,000 square foot UES mansion** and a liquidity problem might want to get in touch but we'll let him come to that in his own time. Apartment Hunting For The Superrich [NYT] *Weill told prospective buyers that he'd be donating the money to charity but maybe they would've done this for him anyway. **Selling points: Indoor pool, bar and lounge with a closet.