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Vibrant New Wells Fargo Online Magazine Not Holding Anything Back For Future Issues

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Earlier today, Wells Fargo announced that it would be getting into the news business, with the launch of Wells Fargo Stories, "a vibrant online magazine that showcases how the company’s team members work to help customers succeed and communities thrive around the world." And while that's all well and good, and we wish the publication the best, it might have considered waiting until volume 10 or 13 before rolling out a story that involves speeding trains, an elderly couple, and A WELLS FARGO EMPLOYEE WHO POSSESSES SUPER-HUMAN STRENGTH, which will be difficult to top.

In some ways, July 31, 2013, was a typical day for Chris Ihle of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Yet people have asked him about the day’s events almost every day since.


While returning from lunch, he spotted an elderly couple’s car stalled on railroad tracks near his Ames, Iowa, office — and darted to push it off the tracks. Just in time, too, because a train was bearing down on the car.

Your move, Goldman Gazette.

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