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Crowded Bathroom At Milken Conference Proves Most Humbling

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Politician and education reformer Horace Mann once said that "Education..beyond all other devices of human condition, is the great equalizer of the conditions of men, the balance-wheel of the social machinery." Another great equalizer, if only a fleeting one, is reportedly the men's room at this week's Milken Institute conference, which treats ex-politicians, journalists on assignment, and multi-billionaire hedge fund managers all the same.

The Milken Institute's annual Global Conference in Los Angeles is on again this week, and there's as much star power as ever, from former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair to Rwandan President Paul Kagame to pop singer Akon. There are so many big names at "Davos with palm trees," in fact, that billionaires don't automatically get VIP treatment. On Monday morning, for example, billionaire hedge fund manager Steve Cohen was forced to wait on line for the men's room, which was several minutes long given the high amount of males at the conference.

Maybe at other conferences spots at the urinal are given out on a net worth basis, but not here.

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