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Judge Shows Mercy On SAC Capital

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$1.8 billion fine and not a penny more, probably.

SAC Capital Advisors LP’s landmark settlement of a U.S. government insider-trading probe stretching back to 2007 was approved by a federal judge, bringing to an end the hedge fund’s role as a money manager and capping a decade of insider trading cases. The judge is still discussing the terms of the agreement, which calls for a combined penalty of $1.8 billion, with the lawyers in Manhattan federal court... The plea deal ends both the prosecution and money-laundering lawsuit brought by the office of Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara. The agreement includes a $900 million fine to end the criminal case, as well as a separate $900 million judgment the hedge fund agreed to pay to end the suit. Within that judgment is $616 million Cohen agreed to pay the SEC to settle a separate lawsuit filed last year. As part of the plea deal, the firm agreed to manage money mainly for Cohen alone.

SAC Judge Approves Record Insider-Trading Accord With U.S [Bloomberg]


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