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Paul Flowers Now Really Sorry About Those Times He Bought Coke, Crystal Meth

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Questions from a parliamentary committee will not be the toughest faced by the former minister who moonlighted as chairman of a failing bank.

Paul Flowers, the former chairman of Cooperative Bank PLC, was charged with drug possession Wednesday, five months after allegations of drug use by the 63-year-old Methodist minister sparked fresh investigations into how the bank nearly collapsed last year.

Mr. Flowers is to appear in court May 7 on charges of possessing cocaine, methamphetamine and ketamine, West Yorkshire Police said. Clare Stevens, a prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service said the case was brought after concluding that "there is sufficient evidence and it is in the public interest…."

Mr. Flowers had been arrested by police as part of a drugs supply investigation in November, after the Mail on Sunday newspaper published a tape showing Mr. Flowers counting out money for an alleged drug buy. Additional allegations were made that he was a regular drug user, including in the months before he left Co-op Bank in June.

Former Co-op Bank Chairman Charged With Drug Possession [WSJ]
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