The Profits Of Neutrality


The Swiss have never let unprovoked aggression deter them from doing business with the aggressors, and this long, proud tradition of profiting at others’ expense continues. Plus, they’ve already given up enough lucrative endeavors at the behest of Washington.

Switzerland decided last week against imposing its own sanctions in response to the Ukraine crisis, but promised not to become a place to circumvent sanctions imposed elsewhere.

In a statement on Wednesday, it fleshed out its plans to make sure people on the EU list - 33 politicians and security officials - could not use Switzerland to bypass the EU rules, but did not mention those sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury….

Switzerland, a global commodity trading and private banking hub, is a popular destination for Russia's wealthy elite and reluctant to take steps it fears could compromise its cherished neutrality or damage closely-nurtured trade ties with Moscow.

Switzerland snubs U.S. effort to sanction Russian billionaires [Reuters]



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