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A-Rod’s Bromance With Steve Cohen Is Not Exclusive Or Anything

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Pity Alex Rodriguez. His extraordinary physical talent, combined with people’s willingness to hand him multiple nine-figure contracts to play a game have for too long distracted him from what he was actually born to do. No more. And he'll throw a few back with anyone who can help.

“He’s finding that his calling in life is business,” said one. Rodriguez's daily routine now involves putting on a suit, going to his Miami office where his construction and real estate company is headquartered, and plunging into the details of prospective deals — "grinding," as he refers to it. Recently, for example, he invested in a Mexican gym business.

For years, Rodriguez has been a quietly successful businessman who earns as much as $20 million a year from his non-baseball business dealings — almost as much as he is paid by the Yankees.…

But some close to him believe his heart is in building new business connections rather than reestablishing himself as an athlete. “He used to be a sports junkie,” said a friend, “Now he’s a deal junkie.” He recently set up a private session with the New York hedge-fund manager Michael Karsch to learn how he goes about his day. Said another friend: “He’d rather talk about Warren Buffett’s annual shareholders meeting than sports.” Buffett is a friend and adviser who counseled Rodriguez when he was negotiating his second contract with the Yankees.

A-Rod in Exile: He Wants to Be a Business Star [New York magazine]

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