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Athenahealth CEO: David Einhorn Is A Total Regina George

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"I didn't know 'Mean Girls' had a Wall Street edition," Jonathan Bush said an in interview with the Wall Street Journal, in response to Greenlight Capital's bet against athenahealth,1 announced last week at the Ira Sohn Investment Conference. Bush mounted an equally interesting defense of his company yesterday on CNBC, when he said:

"I’m absolutely sure this is a $1,000 a share stock...I don’t know anything about valuations, so for all I know [Einhorn] is right."

Group poll: Which one do you find more effective?2

Athenahealth CEO Flips Script in Wall Street Rift [WSJ]

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1. Why the lowercase 'a'? Are they the e e cummings of "online practice management and electronic medical record services, combined with medical billing and other healthcare business services"?↩

2. Obviously everything changes if it turns out Bush was not simply making a semi-forced pop culture reference and that this conversation had actually happened:

Einhorn: But you're, like, really pretty.
Bush: Thank you.
Einhorn: So you agree?
Bush: What?
Einhorn: You think you're really pretty?
Bush: Oh...I don't know.↩


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